When it comes to the comfort of your home or business, nothing feels as luxurious as warm carpeting under your feet. 

Carpet Cleaning

How We Do It

We only use powerful truck mounted equipment. The machine heats the water to over 250 degrees and shoots the cleaning solution into the carpet at around 400 lbs of pressure, which breaks up the dirt and kills the bacteria and germs. Then it uses high-powered suction to draw the dirt out of the carpet. 


In effect the carpet is sanitized due to the high water temperature, and only truck-mounted “hot water cleaning” can accomplish this. Carpets dry in 4-6 hours.  Hot water extraction method is recommended by almost every carpet manufacturer.

Benefits of having your carpets professionally cleaned

Carpets attract and store dust, bacteria, contaminants and allergens. Even if you vacuum on a regular basis, especially if you have indoor pets or heavy traffic areas, vacuuming only can do so much, it only removes heavy weight dirt and particles from the surface.


Commercial deep cleaning machines like ours go deep into the fibers to kill the germs and viruses that can cause respiratory problems and other illnesses.

Upholstery Cleaning

Over time, upholstery can collect germs and bacteria, dirt, grime, dust, oils from skin and human touch, sweat, pet hairs, spills, stains, and other particulates that collectively gather and cling to your upholstery and upholstered furniture.


Without proper and regular upholstery cleaning and maintenance, your furniture can appear worn down and damaged. That’s why it is necessary to trust in a professional upholstery cleaning company to ensure that your upholstery will be cleaned with utmost precision, ensuring the best possible results even after months of abuse.

Our expert cleaning technicians use specialized cleaning techniques to not only address all visible spots and stains, but they also provide a deep clean that will also remove invisible contaminants hidden within your upholstery.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

As a business owner you want your potential clients to come to a place that looks as professional as the product or service you provide. A stained or soiled carpet reflects poorly on your business. A professional deep cleaning can improve the appearance of your carpet and protect your investment, untreated stains with time become permanent, so why no extend the life cycle of your carpet.


No job is too large or too small.  All work is performed at your convenience - day or night. We also offer maintenance programs. These regularly scheduled services extend the life of your furnishings as well as helping to project the image that you desire. Contact our Office to arrange for an appointment with our Commercial Accounts Manager.


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